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If you need motivation to achieve your goals, then you`ve come to the right trainer

I want to share with you my story to show you that nothing is impossible as long as there is passion, determination and vision.

I am Irina Leonte, professional athlete, double national vice-champion in Bikini Fitness Division and overall champion, vice-champion in fencing, nutrition technician, fitness and aerobics instructor, personal trainer level 3 and aromatherapy consultant.

I love the creative side of life, I like working with beautiful people at heart, that`s why i made a career out of helping them to become beautiful in the body also, to be a harmony, a balance.

We are part of our body and the basis of an emotional transformation starts in the body.

A purified body, nourished with natural and quality food, cared for through the body and temperance, will reward us enormously through thriving energy, well-being, confidence, strength and improving relationships with others.

Surely you have a vision regarding your ideal image. That vision must be followed, but not as a burden, but with a lot of enthusiasm, determination, without being harsh with yourself, without self-criticism, but with a lot of love and care for you.

Maybe you didn t take into account the others strategies that form the chain of success: the power of the mind, holistic techniques, soul problems, rest, food and hydration.

In my adolescence, i developed an eating disorder. I spend yers to restore my mental and physical health. It was that recovery work that allowed me to conquer obstacles both on the track and in my life.

I learned invaluable lessons that helped me achieve a more balanced lifestyle . It`s these lessons that i want to share with you.

Simply put: i lacked the psihical, mental and nutritional balance my body required as an athlete.

I learned how to find balance in my life.

It took lots of dedication and self-compassion, especially when adressing something as serious as an eating disorder. After a few years, i was suspected of breast cancer. Initially, at the the time of finding out the diagnosis, i was devasted, them my ”fight mode” was activated, because i couldn`t run any way.

The operation itself was not as difficult as i feared, but the recovery was a long and diffcult process, but beneficial , because it made me stop postponing things, projects and cherishing every moment, starting each day as if it were the first of my existence.

Looking for alternative remedies to speed up the healing process, i discovered aromatherapy which is part of the category of healthy habits.

These habits need sustained effort, consistency and patience. There are small things that done daily, become big and influential,only if you integrate and practice them constantly,consciously and assumedly.

That`s why i became also a consultant in aromatherapy, to help other woman in the fight against various health problems.

Today i am happy to share some life lessons with anyone who may be struggling.

1. I stopped comparing myself to EVERYONE ELSE. There are things that make my different from others for a reason. If we were all the same, the world would not be as interesting. I have my own strenghts and weaknesses, you have yours.

2. I let go of the ideea that i have to be perfect. There is NO such thing as perfect! Once you accept that, you can ambrace what makes you anwesome!

3. I decided NOT to be afraid of change. I got stronger once i learned to change the habits that were holding me back.

4. I asked for help and i accepted it when it was offered to me. Even if you dont`t think you need it, keep an open mind knowing that there are people who care very much about you, whant you to be well and want you to SUCCED!

I love encouranging my clients to be confident, by taking the time to listen,being suppotive and reassuring them that they can, achieve anything if they put their mind to it.
If you need motivation to achieve your goals, then you`ve come to the right trainer.

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