As a personal trainer,i do not limit myself to guiding you during the physical exercise program, i also have the role of psychological support, encouragement and motivation when you feel discouraged or feel like you are not making progress.


Judgement of yourself, or the way you look, can cause unpleasant feelings like regret, resentment, and guilt after you eat or drink something you are prohibited. You will surround yourself with other people who behave badly if you make a lifestyle mistake and then you will feel your self-image affected, and you will be obsessed if you are not allowed to look a certain way.
It is imperative to find the balance when you accept yourself and others, you should not feel negatively about yourself in any way!

Together we can change these negative thoughts into positive ones: strong and healthy psychology. Positive thinking is vital for a life full of harmony and health!


How you think about yourself is a choice. Choose to feel blessed and special.

Don’t just think about the result, you have to think about how you can do better.

Imagine what it would be like to be confident on a date or to be valued, admired and trusted at work – it will be worth the effort you put in.

Even if you don’t feel like it, find a way to smile. You have to overcome negative thoughts, you have to believe in what you are doing,

Together we will manage to get through the hard times, so if you feel like you are about to give up, i will be there to encourage you.


Getting everything done often takes hard work and effort most of the time, and it can be even harder when you’re not motivated.

Sometimes just a simple consolation can help. Simply reward yourself because you managed to go to the gym consistently for 1 month, or you managed to eat healthy for 10 days.


A healthy life is possible.

A healthy lifestyle means knowing what to do and what to avoid.

From proper nutrition to regular exercise, everything will make you feel and look better!


Setting unattainable goals cannot help you, it only discourages you. Set simple, achievable goals.

Know the importance of your goals. Goals can provide immediate or long-term gratification, but you must always remember that they are worth all the effort. You must really want to achieve these goals.

Don’t obsess about your weight, check your weight loss every day. Piles won’t magically disappear, and if you don’t see much improvement, don’t get discouraged.

Weigh yourself just once a week and you will see that your weight loss is successful.

I will share with you the most realistic goals and the methods by which you can achieve them.