Based on your goal, 100% personalized.
1. Weight loss / fat burning plan designed for 8 weeks.
2. Nutrition for muscle mass plan designed for 8 weeks.

The meal plan includes:

✓ 7 daily menus created, based on your response to the customer questionnaires and based on my initial analysis

✓ Each meal plan is created by taking into account factors such as: basal metabolic rate, daily activity level, favorite food, food intolerances or allergies

✓ Each element is calculated with precise weights for you to fulfill your purpose as efficiently as possible

✓ All the meal plans contain daily calorie and macronutrient data

✓ The shopping list is generated based on the foods used in the plan

✓ It can also be designed for ovo-lacto-vegetarians or vegans

✓ Support questions and answers via WatsApp

✓ Adjusting the diet according to progress (if necessary)

✓ Timely replacement of various foods-Free

✓ Change the diet menu at the customer’s request +£100

Waiting time 7 days
PRICE: £249

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