How to get rid of sweat appetite in 3 steps

If you overdo it with sweets, you will not have more energy, but you will suffer from hyperactivity, impulsive behavior and lack of concentration, followed by fatigue that calls for sweet stimulants again… Sugar, like heroin and cocaine, stimulates dopamine and endorphins, creating this addiction.


Along with excess sugar come other problems, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, canker sores, decreased vision, numbness in the fingers, etc. If you suffer from sugar addiction, be it severe or mild, simply replacing sweets and drinks that contain sugar with those with artificial sweeteners does not get rid of your sweet tooth. It takes time and a healthy, balanced diet to bring your brain chemistry back into balance.


1.Amino acids. When you suddenly give up sweets, without adequate nutritional support, you will crave them, you will feel tired, hungry and lacking motivation, which can last for several weeks. But if you ensure your daily intake of vitamins, minerals and amino acids (especially present in mushrooms, beans, fish and lean meat, but also pumpkin seeds rich in tryptophan), the sweet tooth will disappear for the most part and, along with it, a few extra kilos.

In this sense, there is a study on high carbohydrate consumers, who were put on a low-carb diet, plus amino acid supplements for 90 days. They lost an average of 12.25 kg and only 18% relapsed. They were compared with a similar group that did not take amino acids, where the participants lost an average of 4.5 kg in 3 months, and 82% relapsed (K. Blum et al., Neuronutrient effects on weight loss in carbohydrate bingers: an open clinical trial, Current Therapeutic Research, 1990).


2. Chromium, which helps regulate insulin, substantially reduces sweet cravings and improves mood. A diet rich in chromium (present in broccoli, kale, spinach, whole grains, nuts, seeds) halves appetite in eight weeks.


3. Xylitol and erythritol as sugar substitutes. They are very low in calories, have the same taste as sugar and can be found on the shelf. You can use them in drinks, smoothies, baked goods, etc. Erythritol has 4 calories per teaspoon and it takes 9 teaspoons of xylitol to have the same effect on blood sugar as a teaspoon of honey or sugar. And stevia is good (0 calories), but it doesn’t taste too great. About two-thirds of the natural sugar in berries, cherries and plums is xylitol, which is sweet but does not raise blood sugar levels. Instead of sweet snacks or dessert, you can eat plenty of whole fruits (apples, pears, berries, cherries, plums, peaches, melons) that provide you with fructose and vitamins.

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