What does your body shape say about your health

Have you ever thought about the meaning your body shape can have, outside of aesthetic considerations? Undoubtedly, people of all shapes and sizes can be healthy, just as they can suffer from certain conditions or face an increased risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

There are, however, certain research that has managed to establish in some cases the connection between the physical appearance and the state of health of an individual. I propose telling you more about these associations in today’s article. First of all, I advise you not to replace such analysis – which has an informative and indicative role – with the medical investigations recommended by your doctor.

Ectomorphic structure

If you have thin bones, small joints, a less prominent chest and back, you fit into this typology. Imagine the building of a mannequin or a ballerina. Attention, even if you would rather characterize yourself as a thin person, on whom the extra kilos do not seem to stick, it is not excluded that you have more body fat than you imagine, especially as the years pass, at the expense of muscle mass , which over time can predispose you to ailments such as osteoporosis and various osteo-articular problems.

If you also have an endomorph body structure, choose to consume quality proteins and do some form of exercise daily, in order to maintain optimal health in the long term.

Endomorphic structure

More fat and muscle, small shoulders, shorter limbs and impressive bone structures: a characterization suitable for American football players or Olympic weight throwers. If you recognize yourself in the description, keep in mind that you can easily gain weight, especially in the abdomen and hips, and the weight loss process may be slower than for other people. Most likely, your body tends to store foods high in carbohydrates and fats instead of burning them.So, be careful about the amount of carbohydrates in your diet, especially refined ones, which you should reduce as much as possible from your diet, especially in the second part of the day, when you should rather prefer lean proteins with vegetables from full!

Mesomorphic structure

A mesomorphic person is an athletic person has the typical athletic build with broad shoulders, a narrow waist and negligible fat deposits. Because your body is naturally strong, you can easily lose weight, but you can just gain weight, if you do not take into account the basic rules of a balanced diet. Muscle-sculpting activities such as weight training combined with a balanced diet suit you.

Pear structure

A combination of the first two typologies, the pear shape is characterized by a visible amount of fat in the hips and thighs. As you might have guessed, it is more common among women, and it has even been speculated that this may be one of the reasons why women often live longer than men. Abdominal fat, more common in men, is associated with more health problems than lower body fat.

Apple structure

The popular name “beer belly” certainly sounds familiar to you. Humor aside, this description is more suited to men, who tend to store fat deposits in the abdominal area, while the legs remain thin. The “apple” type is more dangerous to health than the “pear” type, indicating that fat presses on the internal organs. Cases of cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes have been linked to this body shape.

Popeye Structure

A specialist research looked at 4,000 men between the ages of 60 and 79, studying their body composition. The bottom line: along with a thin waist, bulky arms predict a longer life and better health. Muscular arms are an indicator of an active, dynamic and energetic lifestyle.

Ways in which you can get into the shape you want

Your body shape is often a matter of genetic inheritance, but it doesn’t remain fixed throughout your life if you follow two rules that can help you strengthen your health

1.Exercise regularly! This is the only way you can effectively get rid of fat, managing to expand your muscle mass at the same time. Regular exercise – 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week – can help you maintain your desired shape. I recommend using weights or yoga, depending on personal preference.

  1. Eat balanced! Trans fats, sugary foods and drinks are responsible for increasing belly fat deposits. So avoid them and supplement your servings of vegetables, fruits and whole grains instead. Go for lean proteins such as chicken, fish, eggs, cheeses and low-fat milk, as they also help shape beautiful muscles.
  2. Hydrate yourself effectively and get enough sleep. 2 liters of water per day and a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night are not only extremely important, they are the basis for long-term radiant health.

Regardless of the shape of your body, regardless of the values of the analysi at the moment, start with the motto ” Transform your body into a temple, it is the place where you will live all your life” , and do everything in your power to evolve to your best version!

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